Think Big, Stay Focused, 
& Actually Accomplish 
Your Forgotten 2016 Goals
From BestSelf Co. Experts in Creating Simple 
Structures That Bring Extraordinary Results, Comes the …
2016 Best Self Summit 
November 18th - 20th 2016
This is your chance for direct access to 21 
of the best industry leaders and influencers. 
Learn from the experts who have mastered
 the fields of Mind, Body, and Business.
Have You Ever Wondered What Separates 
Top Performers From The Average? 
We've dedicated well over 2 years to uncovering the differences between 
what drives success and what causes people to fail. 

Turns out, there are systems to making success predictable and ultimately…inevitable.  

After studying the habits and structures of some of the most successful high performing people in the world, 
we decided it’s time to bring them all together for a master summit that you can attend for free (for a limited time).  

3 Days. 21 Interviews. No Fluff. 
Only The Tactics You Need To Reach Your Goals.

It’s your direct access to the years we’ve spent learning from these experts, distilled into a value packed 3 day event. 
The success we’ve amounted is the result of applying this very knowledge to our business. 

And you get the front row seat. 

You Won’t Find This Roster of Speakers Anywhere Else.  
We’ve hand selected world-class performers and entrepreneurs who’ve achieved great heights 
in both their businesses and lives. More importantly, each speaker will bring their years of 
success and experience distilled into actionable advice you can apply right away. 

No need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve got you covered. 

A Glimpse At A Few Of This Year's Speakers...
November 18th, 19th, & 20th
Day 1: Master Your Mindset
Friday, November 18th 2016
Andrew Warner
Scott Oldford
Chandler Bolt
Maneesh Sethi
Day 2: Step Up Your Health
Saturday, November 19th 2016
Charlie Hoehn
Ari Meisel
Rachel Kersten
Dr. Michael Breus
Day 3: Build Your Business
Sunday, November 20th 2016
Kim Garst
Nathan Latka
Bryan Harris
Pat Flynn
Jennifer Hudye
Allen Brouwer
Cathryn Lavery
Slyvie McKracken
Plus Over 10 More Experts In Productivity, Business, and Self Mastery.
2016 winding down, it’s time to level up.  

This can be your most productive and transformative holiday season yet. 

With the right guidance and direction from the likes 
of Pat Flynn and Andrew Warner, you’ll be in great company.  

What You'll Get From The Best Self Summit:

Strategies to Master Your Mind
Mindset is often the key ingredient behind disciplined action, or the lack thereof. 

It's often the greatest obstacle in unleashing your hidden potential. It's also the most difficult to master without strategic guidance. By mastering the mind first, you open the doors for breakthrough ideas and for unwavering dedication to consistent action. And there you have a recipe for inevitable success. 

Strategies to Master your Body
Our body is an amazing tool. 

All top performers realize this and use it to their advantage. Mind and body are so closely interconnected, and mastery of the mind is often achieved through mastery of the body first. Ever held a plank for longer than 2 minutes? This is where your body pushes your mind to the limit, giving you the perfect practice to discipline and to accomplishing even bigger goals. 

Strategies to Master your Business
By mastering yourself first, you are now well equipped to master your business. 

The best strategy to accelerate your success in business is to surround yourself with people who are light years ahead, and learn from their mistakes. Like true entrepreneurs at heart, our speakers are driven by results, so you will have concrete actionable steps by the time we are done with this 3 day online event.  

This Isn't A Conference of Theory. 
Only Pure Results.
#1  What separates high performers from all other players, and how you can put yourself on the winning team. 
#2  Simple daily tactics used 
by all top performers 
that bring extraordinary results. 
#3  How to 
create habits 
that actually 
stick and 
the simple 
steps to
#4 – How to effectively 
set big but achievable 
goals, even 
if you hate 
goal setting. 
#5 How to 
 tap into your potential, 
and meet 
your goals. 
#6 The exact systems top performers &
use to 
predict their 
own success. 
#7 An inside look at how the elite stay on the top of their game & continue 
to elevate their success, year in 
and year out. 
#8 A concrete 
and result driven plan of action 
to prepare you 
for your most accomplished year yet in 2017. 
In a Nutshell
You Are Going To Get...
3 Full 
of value-packed live video interviews 
& presentations
to recorded presentations for 72 hours after airtime  
to all live 
Access to the Network  
of like minded people attending the event right alongside you 
The Best Self Summit is brought to you by Best Self Co.
Experts in creating simple structures that bring extraordinary results and winners of the 2016 Shopify Build-a-Business Competition. 
Best Self Co started as a project between two entrepreneurs. After years in the making, and countless hours of interviews with world’s top performers, Best Self Co has now grown to fulfilling a mission to help people become their best self.

Where is the event located?
No need to get out of your pajamas for this one. This online event is accessible from the comfort of your couch, or anywhere you have internet connection. 
I can’t attend the live sessions. 
Will I get a recording?
Sure thing! The recording for each session will be available for 3 days following the session. Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 3 days. You can also purchase lifetime access to the interviews and watch them…well, forever. 
Where do I go to watch the free sessions?
Once you register, we will send you a personal login you can use to access the interviews as they happen live. Login at the designated times and simply follow the instructions. You will be able to watch the sessions from any computer, tablet or mobile device. 
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